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Crying is my favourite Orbisong and perhaps best defines his style.The del Rio version in Mulholland Drive was nothing short of incredible.Obviously I'm missing something, because Teresa and Nessie are not the only ones to make the parallel between "Crying" and "Blue Bayou." All I will say is that for my money, if he ripped off "Crying" when he wrote "Blue Bayou," he didn't do a very good job of it and should have left the original alone. Jim F., Arcata Ditto on Andrew's comment about Rebekah del Rio. I also like the fake tear on his face as she sings it in the movie.Wow."Crying" and "Blue Bayou" are my favorites songs of Roy Orbison, his tender and sensible voice makes these songs so beautiful."Blue Bayou" is one of my LESS favorite of the 12 songs on the "In Dreams" album.I prefer all of the following tracks: "In Dreams," "My Lonely Wine" (barely), "Love Hurts," "Shahdaroba," "Dream" (barely), "Gigolette" (great song, inexplicably obscure), "Beautiful Dreamer" and "My Prayer."So, I rate "Crying" as the #2 best song of all time (among those I've heard), and "Blue Bayou" as the 9th best of the 12 songs on its original album. Del Rio has a very powerful, Judy Garlandish voice.I was in love with my girlfriend, who two years later became my wife. What in God's name has happened to this beautiful, timeless music? 3 published "Creep" by Radiohead, citing that the song contains elements of "The Air That I Breathe." "Words and Music by Albert Hammond, Mike Hazlewood, Thomas Yorke, Richard Greenwood, Philip Selway, Colin Greenwood and Edward O'Brian." So, Joshua from Twin Cities, MN is correct...however, we don't know if Radiohead is paying royalties to the Hollies..will have to call their lawyers for that information.Hey Joshua from Twin Cities, MN, Where do you get your (song) facts? Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood did a phenomenal job writing this; it was just meant to be! This song was used beautifully in the movie 'The Virgin Suicides'.

While I do hear some similarities, there are simply not enough for a copyright infringement. And also the vocals and message and the entire presentation. I'm surprised to read of Albert Hammond's description of this song. The album, Drag, is unfairly criticized for it's 'concept' [all the songs refer to smoking in some way'] but many of the songs on the album are excellent.

It has most of his great hits including "Comedian" which is my favorite Orbison song! I'm not sure if it's on video CD, but there is also a recording CD of the same DVD show.

This is the first time I heard Blue Bayou compared with Crying.

I think the magic in this song is in the perfect pairing of the lyrics to the leisurely flow that they are delivered, heartfelt and calming, so you can actually picture this guy as 'peaceful, warm and tired' after making love to his lady. I recently found out that Phil Everly recorded this.

Hey Michael from Wallington, NJ, you're completely wrong. Radiohead was successfully sued for plagiarizing TATIB and Hammond/Hazlewood are now credited as co-composers of Creep. There was a movie I saw a few times and I can NEVER remember the name of it bt it was a team or a group of people that worked on oil rigs or maybe it was those wind propellers. After learning this bit of information, I listened to it and it immediately jumped to the top of the list.

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The song entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart on January 18th, 1981 at position #37; eight weeks later it would peak at #5 and it spent 18 weeks on the Top 100...

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